Effective law enforcement training and education are essential in today's environment.

Recognizing that need, Star Consulting Group was founded in 2019 by a team of veteran law enforcement officers and subject matter experts from the greater Los Angeles area. With decades of combined experience working with “at-risk” youth, performing investigations, and training law enforcement agencies, our team has the experience to provide the most current information and training methods available on a wide range of topics, elevating agencies to better address the difficult situations faced in the line of duty today.
Mark Cripe of Star Consulting Group

Training packages include:

In-House Training
On-Location Training
Site Visits
Site Revamp
Speaking Engagements

Our team has decades of collective experience.

We're an American owned and operated company made up of a team of veteran law enforcement officers with decades of experience working with “at-risk” youth, training law enforcement agencies, and conducting investigations in areas of gang crimes, hate crimes, murder for hire, extortions, human trafficking and more.

As SCG, our innovative training programs draw on this collective experience to help today's teams face and address modern concerns and issues. See how we can elevate your team today.

Programs & Topics

Available for in-house and on-location training, site visits and site revamps, the following programs and topics harness the knowledge of our team's collective work experience, providing agencies and companies with the most current and innovative practices today.

Mission Goals



raise standards

Raise Standards

inspire trust

Inspire Community Trust

reduce gangs

Reduce Gang Numbers

lower recidivism rates

Lower Recidivism Rates

save lives

Save Lives