Basic Chaplains Training

Supporting our Law Enforcement.

Unlike Pastors who minister to congregations with similar likes and beliefs, Chaplains minister to people of many different religious faiths and beliefs, or no religious faith at all.  Their contacts oftentimes place them in situations where there are different cultural backgrounds, cultural identities, including those of education, profession, and political persuasions.  Chaplains are clergy members from any one of various religious faiths who have chosen to minister to people outside the walls of a church or house of worship.  Chaplains enter the ministry opportunity with no personal agenda and with an attitude of a servant.  Chaplains are an extension of Christ’s ministry to all people.

Training Includes

• Qualifications of a Chaplain

• Purpose of Chaplains

• Duties of Chaplains

• Benefits of Having Chaplains

• Responding to Call-Outs: Crisis Responses

• How Chaplains can assist at crime scenes

• Death Notifications

• and more

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