K9 Training

Working companions.

SCG provides expert-led training on General PSD (Police Service Dog) obedience and apprehension work to provide both instruction and information on training incredible working dogs. Our K9 Training course can be tailored to target specific needs and concerns for any group. We aim to help dog and handler teams achieve and perform at their best in moments of need.

Training Includes

• Article, Building & Area Searches

• Tactical Deployments & Integrations

• Scenario-based Training

• K9 First Aid

• K9 Rappelling

• Usage Consideration for K9

• Firearms Instruction

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We work with our clients to create the best approach for their unique situation and needs. Classes can be customized to range from half a day to entire day and requested in various forms of training as needed by agencies and companies across the country.
For more information and booking information, please reach out to our team.
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