Crime Analysis & Intelligence Training

Finding and understanding intelligence.

Crime analytics is crucial in a growing field within law enforcement and other related domains in criminal justice, and has the potential to transform investigations, strategies, and policy decisions of criminal justice organizations.  Data-driven and intelligence-led approaches to crime have become the standard among contemporary criminal justice organizations.

Training Includes

• How an analyst finds information (tips and tricks)

• The intelligence cycle: How information and raw data is turned into intelligence

• Writing intelligence briefs/intelligence reports (why they are helpful)

• Various types of human trafficking: guerilla, romeo/boyfriend, forced (e.g., kidnapped), entrepreneur/business

• What is a human trafficking victim going through (why do they stay?). Types of abuse: physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, PTSD

• How to interact with human trafficking victims (honest, clear, truthful, and real (easier said than done)

• Incident Command System (general overview, various positions within the Command and General staff, etc.)

• Tabletop exercise using ICS to respond to an emergency

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We work with our clients to create the best approach for their unique situation and needs. Classes can be customized to range from half a day to entire day and requested in various forms of training as needed by agencies and companies across the country.
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