Promoting positive interactions.

Bullying is increasing in every city across America, and in a variety of forms.  In order to combat this growing problem, steps must be taken to create a more positive environment in schools, juvenile and adult penal institutions,  and also in homes.  Implementing anti bullying programs have shown great results through teaching conflict resolution, increasing positive communication, and raising overall awareness.  Students are taught to focus on their many similarities rather than their lesser differences.  

Training Includes

• Differentiate between ordinary conflict and bullying

• Build effective interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution techniques

• Use assertive comebacks and empathetic attitudes that help foster healthy classroom skills

• Help a victim of bullying, including asking an adult for help

• Apply these skills to their online social interactions in the 4th-8th grade courses

• Take the appropriate steps if they are being cyberbullied or witness someone being cyberbullied

• Use social media in positive ways

• Understand the impact cyberbullying can have on a victim

• Steps to take if they are being cyberbullied

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