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Topics & Programs

Law Enforcement & Incident Command System

Preparing and responding.

Law enforcement is often a key component when responding to an incident, event or emergency. Understanding the why (why we use ICS, why ICS works, why is law enforcement included in this effort) and what (what is our role, what can we expect, what is the next step), can greatly enhance how law enforcement agencies operate and respond to a situation.

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Crime/Intelligence Analysis

Finding and understanding intelligence.

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Prison Gangs

Navigating confined violence.

Locations with high levels of violence and criminal activity unavoidably lead to an increase in prison gangs. As more and more gang members are incarcerated, the violent culture of the streets becomes heightened and exaggerated in the tight confines of prison. Appropriately navigating and addressing these environments becomes of paramount concern to police officers. SCG can provide vital tools and insights to those who address these environments.

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Street Gangs

Protecting communities.

As the popularity of street gangs rise in locations throughout our country, so does reports of criminal activity and related deaths. Fueled through the recruitment of our youth, street gangs pose a threat to our communities in more ways than one. Our training is for personnel involved in protecting or serving our communities and our youth, including law enforcement, school security officers and administrators.

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K9 Training

Working companions.

SCG provides expert-led training on General PSD (Police Service Dog) obedience and apprehension work to provide both instruction and information on training incredible working dogs. Our K9 Training course can be tailored to target specific needs and concerns for any group. We aim to help dog and handler teams achieve and perform at their best in moments of need.

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Intel Gathering

Creating real change.

Intel gathering has become an integral factor in combatting criminal activity. Information gathered by personnel plays a major role in lowering the recidivism rate for both adults and juvenile offenders and opens the way to positive change and redirection for our communities. Our training provides guidance and insight in how to use intel for the betterment and improvement of our streets.

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Valuing human life.

Human trafficking is a very serious and prominent issue in our current world, one that can only be eradicated by the teams who fight it. SCG is here to support those teams through expert-led insight and training.

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Cultural Diversity

Support for diversity.

Communities are melting pots for various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. This mix of people can often lead to difficulties of understanding, tension, and escalations.

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Hate Crimes

Protecting social environments.

Anyone can be subjected to a hate crime based on their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or sexual identity.

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Promoting positive interactions.

It’s important to address all aspects of antisocial behavior that negatively impact our youth. Bullying, whether physical or cyber, is one such behavior that needs to be challenged.

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Youth Intervention Programs

Investing in our future.

We want to see our youth directed towards functional choices and positive lifestyles, away from gangs, drugs, and other antisocial behaviors that work to limit their future opportunities. Outreach and education programs are essential to show young individuals the opportunity their lives hold.

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Lowering Recidivism

Breaking the cycle.

Real change starts with breaking the cycle of crime and keeping previously convicted individuals from repeating the same cycle of behavior.

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